We are pleased to welcome artist John Budicin as the Jurist and Guest Artist for the 2017 SLOPOKE Exhibition and Sale of Western and Contemporary Art in Pismo Beach, California. This is the seventh year for this museum-quality Central Coast fine art event that will open to the Public on September 30th-October 1st 2017.  This unique art event will be held in the Veteran’s Memorial Building at 780 Bello Street, Pismo Beach, California.
John Budicin is a master artist inspired by the daily show staged by Mother Nature, especially the late afternoon and evening. He gives deep thought to what and why he is painting a scene, which he paints almost exclusively plein air to capture those so-significant moments of light and color that define an emotional moment for both artist and viewer of his paintings. He prefers to paint small but does not sell his smallest 6”x 8” paintings, which he preserves as visual mnemonics that he draws upon to resolve an image to his satisfaction. Once earning a living as a commercial illustrator, John has been a fine art painter for decades. Renowned among artist and collectors, John has accumulated many accolades and awards for his work as detailed in his CV below.  Budicin’s work is atmospheric, fine in line and detail, and delicate in color; characteristics difficult to achieve as brush races the sun to completion.

2000                   Galerie Gabrie, Pasadena, CA
1999                   A Year in Retrospect, Galeria Gabrie, Los Angles, CA
1998                   Echoing Nature, Galeria Gabrie, Los Angles, CA

2000                 California Palettes, California Art Club, Los Angeles, CA
2000-1994        Plein-air Painters of America, Avalon, Catalina Island, CA
2000-1994        Laguna Plein Air Painting Competition, Laguna Beach Art  Museum, CA
2000-1999        On Location at: Frederick R. Weiman Museum of Art  Pepperdine University             2000-1999        On Location at:  Phippen Museum, Prescott, AZ
2000-1996          Annual California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition
1998                   Treasures of the Sierra Nevada, Muckenthaller Museum
                            Natural History Museum, Los Angeles
                            Bowers Museum Invitational Exhibit
                            California Art Club Exhibition, Mission San Juan Capistrano
                             Puertas Del Santuario, Carnegie Art Museum
                             Plein-Air Painters of America Pain San Francisco  Contemporary      
                             Southwest  Painters, Museum of  Western  Art, Prescott, AZ
                             Inland Exhibition, San Bernardino County Museum, CA 
                             85 Years of Art, California Art Club, Carnegie Art Museum
1996-1990            Esther Wells Collection, Laguna Beach, CA

2001-2000          Fredericksburg Artist School, TX and CO
2001, 98-97        Plein-Air Painters of America, Steamboat Springs, CO
2001-2000          Fechin Institute, Taos, NM
2001, 99-98        Scottsdale Artists' School, AZ
2001                   Art in Aspens, CO
1999                   California Art Club, Tuscany & Umbria, Italy
                           Plein-Air Painters Workshop, Fallbrook, CA
                           Fechin Institute, Taos, NM

1999                    First Place, California Art Club, Mission San Juan  Capistrano
1998                    Second Place, Sights of Santa Ana
1997                    First Place & Grumbacher Gold Medal, Multi-Media Mini  Show,  Redlands    
                            Art Association, San Bernardino County  Museum
1996                    Second Place, California Art Club, Mission San Juan Capistrano Gold Medal, 
                             87th Annual California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition First Place, Multi-Media
                             Mini  Show, Redlands Art Museum Award of Excellence, Oil  Painters of America
1994                     Bud Rickerts Art Center Award, Fine Arts Institute 29th  Annual Exhibit of the San
                              Bernardino County Museum
1989                     Grumbacher Gold Medal, Inland Exhibition XXV, San Bernardino County Museum

2001                    Vicki Stavig, "Capturing the Grandeur of Yosemite," Art  of the West       (Sept/Oct)
2001                    John Budicin, "The Speed of Light," The Artist Magazine,  October 2001
2000                    Myrna Zanetell, "An Instrument of Nature," Art of the  West, November/December
2000                    Vicki Stavig, "A Showcase of Eight Talented Artists," Art  of the             West, (Jan/Feb)
1999                     Michael Zakian, "On Location in Malibu," American Artist,  August
1999                     Vicki Stavig, "Plein Air Passions," Art of the West,  March/April
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1999                     "Master Painters of the World," International Artist, February/March
1998                     Carole Katchen, "200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists", North Light Books
1998                     "Best of the West," Southwest Art, March
1997                     Larry Palmer, "Plein Air Painters Preserve Memories," Pasadena Magazine, Fall
1997                     Featured Artist, California Art Club Newsletter, March
1997                    "Market Report Plein Air Painting," Southwest Art, February
1997                     Elaine Adams, "Conserving Culture," The Quarterly Magazine, Summer
1996                     Carole Katchen, "California Landscapists," Southwest Art, February
1995                    "California Impressionism, An Art Form Comes to Life," Art Business News, March

                        Mission San Juan Capistrano;  Caribbean Princess Line;   Joan Irvine Smith Collection
                        Roy Rose Collection;  Fisher-Haas Infinity; Birtcher Enterprises; Fechin Workshop
                        Signature Member, Plein-Air Painters of America
                        Signature Member, California Art Club
                        Signature Member, Oil Painters of America
                        Signature Member, Laguna Plein Air Painters Association



Contemporary & Western Art

Eventbrite - SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo

Established in 2011, the SLOPOKE  got its unique name from SLO (for San Luis Obispo County, California) POKE (think: cowpoke) Western Art (obvious) and Rodeo (Spanish for an exhibition of skills). Today, the format also includes contemporary art of high quality so we have ddropped "rodeo.". For seven  successful years, the  SLOPOKE has defied a challenging economic climate.  In 2015, the 5th year,  the Buffalo Head Nickel was our  icon for the 5th anniversary show. In 2016, we reorganized as Entreprise, LLC - an entrepreneurial art enterprise so that we could better serve the art market in both retail representation (Seaside Gallery), public art events (SLOPOKE Events, and Artis Services (Digimagination). Art collectors continue to be drawn to the  beaches and vineyards of SLO County to enjoy  buying excellent western art. 

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The SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo is a museum-quality fine art show. It is  different  than the usual commercial art show or the fund raiser for another organization because it is an art event for artists that places the highest premium on quality.  A modest fee is charged for wall space & lighting , A modest commission is charged only on art that sells. Details on the Application form. There is no fee to apply.


A Brief Overview and History

7th AnnualSLOPOKE Fine Art Event, September 30th & October 1st 2017, Pismo Beach, California

a juried art show of original paintings and sculpture by contemporary artists

This is the 7th year of the SLOPOKE. Initiated as a western art exhibition, it  has expanded to contemporary art as well in response to customer emand.  The SLOPOKE is a standalone, business venture with participating artists and sculptors, who are juried in and on-site to present their art to you.

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John Budicin:​

Our Jurist & Guest  Artist

The Biggest & Best Contemporary & Western Art Event on the California Coast!


$10 Daily

$ 20 BBQ & Both Days.